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It’s the care you give each of five simple ingredients that make this sandwich so spectacular!

The Bread:  homemade bread is best, of course, and I recommend Whole Wheat Molasses, Simply White or Honey Buttermilk.  Toast it properly and spread a little unsalted butter on the inside on one of the slices.

The Bacon:  for best results, start bacon cooking in a cold skillet ad never let the heat exceed medium.  Turn strips often, stretching each piece to ensure even rendering and crispiness.   Drain well on paper toweling.

The Mayo:  homemade is best, of course, but Hellmann’s is very good as an alternative.  Stir in some fresh herbs for a bright flavor.

The Tomato:  a garden fresh tomato is essential and beefsteak tomatoes are preferred.  With a sharp paring knife, cut out the core and slice to desired thickness.  Season each tomato slice with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and Adobo seasoning (optional).

The Lettuce:  iceberg lettuce is too wet for this juicy sandwich.  Use Butter Leaf or Red Leaf lettuce, rinsed and spun dry.

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