Beef Fondue

© Katherine Stetson

There’s really only one criterion to successful beef fondue and that’s the oil used to cook the meat – it must be peanut oil.  Other than that, the meal is completely customizable.

You will need an electric fondue pot for this recipe.  Fondue plates are recommended to keep the sauces segregated, but are optional.

Serve with a big salad, sautéed mushrooms or asparagus, garlic bread, or any of your favorite side dishes.

Important note: be sure to advise your dinner guests not to put the fondue fork in their mouth – serious lip burns can occur.  Instruct them to remove the cooked meat from the fondue fork onto the plate and proceed from there with a regular dinner fork.

For four servings:

  • 2 pounds good quality beef (sirloin or tenderloin), cut into one-inch cubes
  • peanut oil, sufficient for filling the fondue pot

4-5 dipping sauces:

  • Malicious Mustard
  • Piquant Curry Sauce
  • Horseradish Caraway Sauce
  • Roasted Red pepper Mayonnaise
  • Garlic-Green Peppercorn Butter
  • Gorgonzola Butter

Cut beef into cubes and allow to come to room temperature.  Fill fondue pot with recommended level of peanut oil and preheat on high.  When ready to serve, set table with fondue plates, fondue forks and secondary dinner forks and knives.

Arrange bowls of dipping sauces, bowls of meat and all side dishes on the tabletop.  Do a test piece of meat: skewer and cook in the hot oil and when it browns quickly without smoking, the oil is ready.  Adjust temperature as the dinner proceeds to ensure that oil stays hot enough but not too hot.  Enjoy!

Copyright © Katherine Stetson, all rights reserved.