whine, whine, whine

January 13th, 2012

As noted in my favorite monk, I am pestered twice a year by bottles of Dom Pérignon in my Christmas stocking and on my birthday.  It is the only wine and food pairing that’s never obvious to me.  Bright and briny Blue Point oysters would be perfect, of course, except for the inability to get them up here in the boondocks.

Seafood concoctions bathed in cream are generally a good partner for bottles of French bubbles; a lobster bisque perhaps, a Coquilles St. Jacques, or a simple Shrimp Newberg, except not so perfect with Monsieur Dom, which should never have to work overtime to cut through creams and butters and still remain assertive and generous.

Waltzing my way through Mecca today and plucking luscious goodies from the lamb and cheese counters, did I espy a locked case perched above the fresh fish counter.  “What have we here,” murmured the shopping cart as it veered sharply to the right to explore.  “Can it be?” asked we, simultaneously.  A medley of Russian caviars — in New Hampshire?  ’Twas not a vision, dear readers, and ‘tis the best friend Dom Pérignon can ever hope to find.

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