dinner in 20

October 17th, 2011

Speed cooking is not my cup of tea any more than are speed eating or speed driving.  Cooking is a pleasure best enjoyed slowly so that atmosphere and appetite develop along side the meal.  The calming and rhythmic tasks of chopping and slicing can be done at a leisurely pace and guarantee a consistently sized product.  Gentle sautéing and slow oven roasting provide aromas that whet the palate and the orderly execution of a dish provides a serenity found no where else.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!  Time, however, sometimes likes to wield it’s stubborn inflexibility and my careful planning gets thrown asunder and the clock face demands acceptance of a speed cooking challenge.  So it was that one of our favorite dinners went from a two-hour preparation to a twenty-minute breakneck execution.

A complex marinade was thrown together in five minutes, the filet mignons marinated for five minutes before hitting the grill.  Rice sticks, softened in hot water, were drained and tossed with cucumber, tomato, basil and mint. The table set, the wine opened and poured and a few peanuts chopped for garnish.  And, presto, in less than the time it takes to write about it, our delicious dinner in 20 was sitting poised before us!


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