BLT with TLC

September 3rd, 2011

America’s favorite foods are also the easiest to prepare and so it is that I always wonder why restaurants never really nail the Hamburger, the Hot Dog or the simple Sandwich.  I think what is missing from their ingredients is Love.  A little less Indifference and a lot more Love would make me more willing to pay good money for simple food.

Case in point is the BLT, beloved by many, and perhaps the most abysmal item ever ordered from a restaurant menu.  The bacon is always undercooked, the tomato under-ripe, the bread under-toasted and the lettuce and mayo addendums of complete indifference.  The successful construction of a BLT is not rocket science, for heaven’s sake, because it’s only five ordinary ingredients!

The confluences of cool and hot, salty and sweet, and crunchy and smooth is what protects this special sandwich from ever being boxed, frozen and microwaved, and that, of course, is a good thing.  The BLT simply needs some plain old TLC in its preparation and while variations and additions are endless, that perfect tomato, that perfectly crisped bacon, that perfect pair of toasts, that crisp and fresh lettuce, and that homemade mayonnaise, assembled with a soupcon of Love, are all one ever really needs to yield a true king of the sandwich world!


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It’s the care you give each of five simple ingredients that make this sandwich so spectacular!

The Bread:  homemade bread is best, of course, and I recommend Whole Wheat Molasses, Simply White or Honey Buttermilk.  Toast it properly and spread a little unsalted butter on the inside on one of the slices.

The Bacon:  for best results, start bacon cooking in a cold skillet ad never let the heat exceed medium.  Turn strips often, stretching each piece to ensure even rendering and crispiness.   Drain well on paper toweling.

The Mayo:  homemade is best, of course, but Hellmann’s is very good as an alternative.  Stir in some fresh herbs for a bright flavor.

The Tomato:  a garden fresh tomato is essential and beefsteak tomatoes are preferred.  With a sharp paring knife, cut out the core and slice to desired thickness.  Season each tomato slice with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and Adobo seasoning (optional).

The Lettuce:  iceberg lettuce is too wet for this juicy sandwich.  Use Butter Leaf or Red Leaf lettuce, rinsed and spun dry.

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