October 11th, 2010

Finding salad greens in Slovakia and Russia was no small feat, but occasionally a small ball of lettuce would show up at the local outdoor markets and I would jump on it like a spider on a June bug.  The challenge was always how best to stretch these precious leaves and frequently they ended up as a simple ‘green salad sandwich’ lightly dressed with a bit of vinaigrette.

From that experience grew a real fondness for ‘salad sandwiches’.  Living once again in a country whose markets boast copious amounts of lettuce varieties, I’m in salad heaven.  A fresh homemade baguette, split and stuffed with dressed greens and herbs is a sandwich of which I can eat several feet’s worth.

Salads wrapped in lavash are pure rapture simply because the ratio of bread to salad favors the salad side of the equation.  Toss in a few slivers of olive, roasted pepper and a crumble of cheese, whisk up a brightly flavored dressing, wrap it up snuggly and settle in a glorious salad moment.


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