the day before

December 24th, 2009

Yesterday I noted an item on my chore list that read, “List of lists,” which translates into “Make a list of needed lists”.  And from there came sub-lists within lists along with second and third generation lists and that’s when it struck me.  The execution of a dinner party is just like software development!

You start with a Project Charter (the menu) followed by Technical Specs (necessary equipment and table settings) and a Design Spec (decorations).  Then come Prioritized Requirements (grocery lists), Quality Assurance Scripts (taste testing), Data Collection (mise en place) and then the roll-out.

The difference between the two is that dinner parties don’t get an alpha and beta release – they get just one shot to nail it correctly, and that’s when you’re grateful for all the copious lists of lists that ensure you haven’t forgotten a single thing.  Season’s greetings to all and to all a great dinner.

Christmas Dinner 2009

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